Future Media Lab: event ‘Het Nieuwe Verdwalen’


Invitation Future Media Lab presentations


End of Term Exhibition at the TU/e


TUE exhibition


This week was the end-of-term exhibition at the TU/e (for a good view of the poster and card set, I recommend this post). Normally, the exhibition marks the end of a project as well, but since this is my graduation project, I get to carry on for one more semester after this. Yey! Continue reading

Poster and Card Set: User Research Methods for Inclusive Design


Inclusive Design Toolbox

This week I present an early iteration of the Inclusive Design toolbox that I have been working on. It will be a toolbox that can help companies in IT with awareness about Inclusive Design. This iteration of the toolbox is still quite basic, but in principle already useful. Continue reading

Check out the COMMIT poster “Designing ICT for Social Inclusion”


tno commit poster

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