This Is Water – David Foster Wallace

If you really learn how to think, how to pay attention, then you’ll know you have other options

-David Foster Wallace

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A Recap of Two User Evaluation Sessions

Finally, it’s here! A condensed video showing the most interesting outcomes of two User Evaluation sessions about the Light Scribing concept.

Colour Changing Light Source

If you would play this video on your smartphone while Lightscribing, I am sure it would give a nice effect.

And why not program the phone to generate a random color sequence, like the screensaver this video was taken from?

Second User Evaluation of Light Scribing

One week after the first user evaluation, we held another evaluation session. One reason to do this was to see if the technique would still be interesting after some time, and if users would be prepared to keep using it.

All four students in this project were present, and some had prepared special hand-held lights to use. On top of that we had the use of a more advanced camera that could do longer shutter times. Three of the four original users were present as well.

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Introduction video: Hanging around

Just some combined possibilities for spending a free evening or weekend…

Are there things you recognise? What do you do once you are done with school for the day?

Tired of hanging around

Interesting project  about teenagers and after school activities:

3D Projecting

There is one thing that keeps coming back to me, which is 3D projecting. How cool would that be? But how how does it work? Is it even possible? Continue reading

Light Painting Video

Look at these two videos with some incredible artwork:

a commercial for Ford, but that did not bother me 🙂

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