Unique Selling Point of the LightScribe App

Instantly create, share and admire beautiful light art together with your friends and smart phone. No rules, just fun!

Have fun together with your friends. Make, share and admire beautiful light art with just your smart phones.

LightScribe app: Have fun making, sharing and admiring cool light art with your friends!

*Which one do you think is better?*

Overview of Things Done and Things To Do

So let’s see what my progress has been like these last months, and what is still to do. For the full process you’ll have to read the whole blog though 🙂 , click for the archives of Feb, Mar, and Apr 2012.

Today >>

  • wk 9: Prototype building, GUI design
  • wk 10: Prototype building, GUI design, user evaluation
  • wk 11: Final report, final user evaluation
  • wk 12: Final exhibition, extra user evaluation

Design and Research

Ever since I moved from product design to studying Master of Industrial Design, I have been in love with research. So I decided: I want to go into ‘Design Research’. But what is design research? Ever helpful Rob Tieben provided me with a clue, in the form of this little list of four ways to do design research:

  • design for research
  • research for design
  • design through research
  • research through design

Proposal for Scientific Method Design Process

I am curious to see what I have overlooked and how I can improve this chart.Let me know!

Scientific Method Adapted to Design Practice

I looked at basic scientific method on Wikipedia. Now this is very generic and perhaps not really suited to designers.

Elements of scientific method

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Grab This Beast by the Horns

Today I am working to get a grip on my process. It seems I lack the overview necessary to see where I am going and how I will get there. So what is my design process? Continue reading