UXcampNL talk about the Include Toolbox

The UXcampNL `unconference’ was held at the TU/e, November 16 2013.

End of Term Exhibition at the TU/e


TUE exhibition


This week was the end-of-term exhibition at the TU/e (for a good view of the poster and card set, I recommend this post). Normally, the exhibition marks the end of a project as well, but since this is my graduation project, I get to carry on for one more semester after this. Yey! Continue reading

Poster and Card Set: User Research Methods for Inclusive Design


Inclusive Design Toolbox

This week I present an early iteration of the Inclusive Design toolbox that I have been working on. It will be a toolbox that can help companies in IT with awareness about Inclusive Design. This iteration of the toolbox is still quite basic, but in principle already useful. Continue reading