The Good, the Bad and the Extracurricular

Good: This academic year started with two module weeks (which I will tell you about later). This meant high-density classes, exercises and short projects, enough so that I pulled my first all-nighter early this year: in the first week to be exact.

Bad: The idea was that by this week, normalcy would return and I would have loads of time to spend on my main project: Smart Sleep. However… it seems like all I can think of is Sleep, without the Smart. So I wondered: what is going on? I looked forward to this project!

Extracurricular: To get a grip and prioritize my extracurricular activities, I have listed all TU/e activities under here to see how it looks. I have sorted them into a ‘right now’ and ‘this semester’ pile. Continue reading

Overview of Things Done and Things To Do

So let’s see what my progress has been like these last months, and what is still to do. For the full process you’ll have to read the whole blog though 🙂 , click for the archives of Feb, Mar, and Apr 2012.

Today >>

  • wk 9: Prototype building, GUI design
  • wk 10: Prototype building, GUI design, user evaluation
  • wk 11: Final report, final user evaluation
  • wk 12: Final exhibition, extra user evaluation