How to make Origami Flowers

Just a bit of fun: since I mentioned “Origami Flower” once, the search term most used to find my blog is just that. I find it quite intriguing and can imagine that people who want to start making origami flowers, are not that interested in my university projects.

So here goes: a guide that tells you how to fold an Origami Flower. For those of you who do not speak Italian, you don’t really need the text. Just remember that a dotted line is a fold, when it’s irregular it folds towards you (like a mountain), if its a regular dotted line it folds away (like a valley).

Guide to folding a four-petal origami flower

Use paper that is different on both sides, like in the picture, for a nice effect. If you make a few and stick them on cocktail sticks, using masking tape or colored tape, you can make a bouquet!

Have fun… 😉

And if you are interested in my projects at Eindhoven Technical University, take a look around on my blog and see what I’m up to these days!


When I look at my planning, it seems I’m doing fine. However, it feels like too little is happening! Next week it is officially a holiday, so I want to have some decisions made this week. How am I going to justify choosing the direction of personal light/ personal space? Is this the way to go? For now, I will treat this project as two halves: the one half of lighting as personal space, and the other half being about OLED and it’s possibilities. Hopefully at least one half will turn out right, and if the two halves meet somewhere again it would be a bonus.

Starting with half #1: what to do with OLED? It’s nice, crisp, glass surface is so appealing, it really is like jewellery. I am thinking a modern-day version of Tiffany’s, all sparkly and nature inspired, but at the same time cut-throat sharp and hard-edged. There is of course the fabulous Mimosa by Jason Bruges, with its square OLEDs that whip up into flower-like shapes. There really is something about nature and movement that suits the OLEDs really well.

Or take a look at  Steven Haulenbeek’s Cumulus Light Canopy.

So, without having the real thing to experiment with right now, I sought inspiration in these origami flowers. Perhaps they could open and close to provide the amount of light needed by the user?

If you are looking for a guide to folding Origami Flowers, go to this page please. Glad to help 😉