Paper: Adapting Co-Constructing Stories to the Mindset of Teenagers

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Adapting Co-Constructing Stories

Should Students Take Naps?

Have a look at this infographic and see if you can be persuaded to take a nap- it’s not just good for students!

Should Students Take Naps? Click image to view PDF

Click image to view PDF or read below.

Do you think you can fit naps into your daily life? Let me know why/not!

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Third User Evaluation

Experiencing the interactive wireframe prototype of the LightScribe App.


The CAR-model is a model by Menno Deen, based on Ryan and Deci’s Self-Determination Theory. It describes the three factors a game must incorporate, to be an interesting game, namely:




Interestingly, these overlap nicely with my own vision for this project, and the 10 Crucial Factors of Experience Design (Sheldon). I think I need to find out more about this research!

Design and Research

Ever since I moved from product design to studying Master of Industrial Design, I have been in love with research. So I decided: I want to go into ‘Design Research’. But what is design research? Ever helpful Rob Tieben provided me with a clue, in the form of this little list of four ways to do design research:

  • design for research
  • research for design
  • design through research
  • research through design

Long Overdue Update on Peripheral Audio

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