Decision Makers

An interesting new direction for the next toolbox prototype could be the development of a decision aid, instead of dishing out a ready-made path as some of my previous iterations. After all, the main problem is not the ability or capability of new user researchers, nor is it the quality of the available user research methods. The problem is the sheer amount and lack of transparency and overview of existing methods. A decision aid could be just what is needed. Continue reading

Complexity versus Simplicity

If only today’s technology were simpler! It’s the universal lament, but it’s wrong. We don’t want simplicity. Simple tools are not up to the task. The world is complex; our tools need to match that complexity – From: Living with Complexity by Donald A. Norman

If a design oversimplifies the interaction, it gets restricted and can lose functionality, or worse, lose the interest of the user. Earlier in the design of the toolbox, working with a company with little previous user research experience, I made the mistake of presenting an iteration of the toolbox, that was too simple, and it was perceived as condescending.  Continue reading