Talk: Designing for Automated Journalism in the Netherlands: First Steps and No Way Back

The Algorithms, Automation, and News Conference in Munich brought a lot of interesting discussions and food for thought. I was honoured to be a part of it and speak for such a exquisite crowd!

Read the extended abstract here: Abstract – Design for Automated Journalism in NL – Zoon, Van Dongen, Alves Lino


Photo credit: Jeske van Dongen


What is Robot Journalism?

Iris Hendriks of the Mediaredactie (Fontys UAS – School of Journalism) explores what Robot Journalism is in this video where she interviews several people working on this subject (including myself from minute 2:10).

(Subtitles are work in progress!)

Fishing for quotes? Leave that to the chatbot

Amanda Verdonk of published a thorough dossier on all things Robot Journalism, amongst which this article, ‘Kwootjes jagen? Laat dat maar over aan de chatbot‘ (in Dutch).

Hanna Zoon researches Robot Journalism at the Fontys FutureMediaLab. There they have developed a chatbot and press-release bot, amongst other tools for automated journalism. Useful for filtering information and ‘fishing for quotes’. A threat to the field of journalism? Not really. But it might not be promising news for Dutch language.

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“Hanna Zoon über Neue Technologien und ihre Geschichten” on

What an honour to get such a thorough and extensive article about my talk at UXcampNL on Granaton’s blog! The original post can be accessed at

Neue Technologien und ihre Geschichten

Kuratiert von Designforscherin Hanna Zoon. By GranatonJANUAR 06, 2015. Geschätzte Lesezeit: 8 Minuten

Hanna Zoon at UXcampNL 2014

Hanna Zoon at UXcampNL 2014

Hanna Zoon, Designforscherin an der Fontys University of Applied Sciences, stellte beim UX Camp NL ihre Methode “Curious Design” vor, um über Gestaltungsgrundlagen unserer Welt nachzudenken.

‘Curious Design is an iterative design process through exploring and questioning, working together with people, and letting designs be inspired by this process – Hanna Zoon

Für das Future Media Lab forscht Hanna Zoon über innovatives Storytelling von Maschinen durch die Sammlung von Daten. “Computer können andere Dinge, als Menschen” erläutert sie und zeigt anhand von Beispielen, wie Funktionen von Maschinen in Erzählungen umgedeutet werden können. Continue reading