Poster and Card Set: User Research Methods for Inclusive Design

Inclusive Design Toolbox

This week I present an early iteration of the Inclusive Design toolbox that I have been working on. It will be a toolbox that can help companies in IT with awareness about Inclusive Design. This iteration of the toolbox is still quite basic, but in principle already useful.

The idea of this poster-cardset combo is, that you have a look at the poster to get an idea of what methods are suitable for your project, and then take the corresponding card for more information. This is a first step towards deciding how the routing through all the information will work later, when there will most likely be an interactive, intelligent component such as a personal online advice and checklists.

The methods that are presented on the cards are existing methods from literature (see the collection). Later in the project, I would like to test the methods with different user groups, and work together with the IT companies to learn what they find appealing and what suits their culture best. This way I can find out how to adapt the methods to be a perfect fit for both the IT company and the participant.

Card Set Cards13 Cards14 Cards15 Cards16 Cards17 Cards18 Cards19 Cards110 Cards111 Cards112

Please tell me what you think!

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