Second Toolbox Review: an IT-Company and the Co-Design Café

A while ago, I had an interview with an IT-company. A few weeks later I went back with my new methods cardset and some improved ideas, as I was wondering what the director of that company would think.

foto co-design cafe_2

Just before that, I attended the latest Co-Design Café session at Capital D, a monthly meeting where designers and design-researchers exchange knowledge and experiences with co-design, where I also had the chance to discuss my methods cardset. 


  • Are interested in working together on a design case, using the Inclusive User Experience Toolbox that is in the making
  • Because they work with a modular system, developing a working prototype is very fast and easy, making user involvement easier to organise
  • Their 5-phase development pattern is a traditional waterfall model, where possibly an agile model would work quite well, expecially becausethey can produce working software prototypes easy and fast.
  • Working with use-scenarios in the earlier iterations could give them even more light-weight development cycles, while addressing UX from the start
  • They have poster of programming languages hanging on the walls of their office, and think something like that could keep reminding you about the existence of the toolbox
  • After the interview, the company director asked if they could keep the card set that I brought.

Co-Design Café:

  • Great presentations from Heather Daam, Crisp, and her collegues
  • Most experienced designers develop their own user research methods, customized to the target group and the design brief, without consulting scientific literature. Perhaps there is a need for designers starting in this field, to learn about the standard methods before developing their own personal method.
  • Many designers recognised that often the person who is the programmer, makes a lot of design decisions as well, without thoroughly investigating the best design solution.
  • The organisers asked to keep the methods cardset, and invited me to host the following Co-Design Café, to learn more about these methods.

Please tell me what you think!

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