Who needs Inclusive Design Methods?

Which ICT companies could benefit from an Inclusive Design toolbox? And not only that, why would they want to use Inclusive Design?


There will be companies which are already fully convinced of the need to involve the user in the development process. After all, UX, or User Experience, is the fashionable ‘fad du jour’. Often used too simplistically, to describe a certain style of aesthetics, it nevertheless puts focus on the end-user of the product. Another hot trend, Agile, promotes iterative working processes and offers the possibility to steer the process midway if that turns out to be better. And there is the highly efficient blend of the two.

On the other hand, some companies are purely focused on producing code, and have clients who do most of the design work. They are probably not that interested in their own vision on the user experience, since they will just code what their client designs. Personally I think these companies could also benefit by diversifying their portfolio to incorporate UX development and show that they are working with the latest methods, but it will be more difficult to convince them.


Some companies could benefit a lot from transforming their process to involve end-users and the ability to develop applications for target groups like elderly, low-literates and non-natives. These are the smaller IT companies that develop interactive technology for public and semi-public clients, like local municipalities, insurance companies, energy companies. These clients have a public responsibility to provide service to a variety of target groups, and it would be unacceptable if some groups would not have access.

The companies I want to be working with are:

  1. Medium to small in size (max. 50 employees)
  2. Regularly involved with public and semi-public clients, or would like to be
  3. Interested in adopting a modern development process that incorporates Inclusive Design
  4. Willing to work together with TNO on developing this process.

Interested? Let me know via the form below!


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