VPRO’s Nooit Meer Slapen (No More Sleep) – Review

No More Sleep
Nooit Meer Slapen (No More Sleep)

A tv-documentary about living in a 24-hour economy, and its impact on our sleep pattern (in Dutch).

At first, it looks like 24/7 economy negatively impacts our quality and duration of sleep. We can stay up late because there is always something to do, and when we are finally in bed we keep going on our electronic devices. A big part of us feeling like that is a problem, could be the dogma of having to sleep in a solid, 8-hour block each night. What if we would return to a more natural pattern of segmented sleep? This could consist of one late-night sleep, and a good nap in the afternoon. After all, it is not the duration of sleep that counts most for cognitive and physical abilities, it is the quality of sleep that matters.

Does 24/7 economy help the return of natural segmented sleep? Perhaps if we can create circumstances where sleeping is also possible 24/7, we can do it all and still feel rested.

Please tell me what you think!

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