Book: Statistics – The Art and Science of Learning from Data – Review

Statistics: The Art and Science of Learning from Data

My coach kindly lend me this book and it turned out to be a real great guide on statistics. Real baby steps, like someone needs when all they did in high school was geometry and algebra, everything but statistics.

Since then I bought the bought the book for myself and intend to work through it chapter by chapter. I think it would be nice to keep some kind of note book in this post, to help me remember thing I have learned.Statistical ‘things’ to remember:

  • variable the characteristic being measured
  • descriptive statistics summarising data
  • inferential statistics making decisions and predictions based on data
  • population  set of all the subjects of interest
  • sample subjects for whom we have data, belonging to population
  • random sampling representative of the population
  • categorical variable observation in the form of sorting in categories
  • quantitative variable observation in numerical value
  • discreet variable a count of something
  • continuous variable continuum of infinitely many possible values (time, distance)
  • distribution frequency table or graph that shows the values a variable takes and how often they occur
  • unimodal single mound distribution of data
  • bimodal distribution with two mounds
  • mode highest point in unimodal distribution
  • skewed distribution pulled in one direction by fewer data
  • median middle observation, resistant to outliers, as apposed to mean, representing the bulk of observations
  • Empirical rule for a bell-shaped distribution: 68% of observations fall within 1 standard deviation of the mean; 95% within 2 standard deviations; all or nearly all within 3 standard deviations (not suitable for highly skewed distribution or highly discrete data)

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