Smart Sleep Literature Links

Following are links to literature I read on the topic of sleep, most recent on top. I will update this list as I go along, hopefully making this post a complete reference at the end of the semester (some articles are protected and can be read on the TU/e network only, sorry). As I go along, I will publish separate posts with reviews for each article and link to those as well.

Please feel free to suggest things to read!

On persuasive technology:

Persuasion in ambient intelligence

On naps:

Wikipedia on Naps

The Art of Napping at Work(book)

How to Nap   (book)

Sleep extension versus nap or coffee, within the context of sleep debt   [read review here]

Naps, cognition and performance     [read review here]

Actigraphic assessment of a polysomnographic-recorded nap: a validation study     [read review here]

Hoe langzamer hoe creatiever (Dutch only)

By dr. Anne M. Meijer, UvA (sleep and adolescents):

Melatonin and sleep effects on health, behavior problems and parenting stress     [read review here]

Chronic sleep reduction, functioning at school and school achievement in preadolescents     [read review here]

The influence of sleep quality, sleep duration and sleepiness on school performance in children and adolescents     [read review here]

Longitudinal relations between sleep quality, time in bed and adolescent problem behaviour

The Chronic Sleep Reduction Questionnaire (CSRQ): a cross-cultural comparison and validation in Dutch and Australian adolescents     [read review here]

Books on Sleep:

Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep

Nurtureshock: Why Everything We Thought About Children is Wrong  [read review here]

Functional Anatomy of the Sleep-Wakefulness Cycle   [read review here]

Sleep and Quality of Life in Clinical Medicine

General media on sleep:

Rethinking Sleep –     [read review here]

Opening their eyesMore colleges hope sleep campaigns will cure what ails students

-an article on Adolescent Sleep from Stanford University

Teen sleep: Why is your teen so tired?     [read review here]

Wikipedia on sleep:     [read excerpts here]

Please tell me what you think!

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