Schematic Overview of GUI

So this is basically how the app is stuck together. Of course this is an overview, and not all interactions are pictured. For example, the circle with the X, leads back to the Friends page from all pages. Alternatively, take a look at these interactive GUIs, where you can come close to experiencing the real app.

Here is how it works from the top: you start with a welcome screen. This leads to the central page, the Friends page, with a list of contacts, their recent LightScribe pictures, and a possibility to chat. Also there is a feature on this page, where you can see who from your LightScribe contacts is physically standing close by, meaning they can form a group for a LightScribe session.

From the Friends screen, you can choose two ways: browse through the list and chat with friends (click right), or start LightScribing with a group (click left). After the last option, the app will choose who is the photographer and light sources, at random.

The photographer puts his smartphone somewhere stable and presses the camera button. The shutter opens for 10 seconds and a picture is taken. The picture is then shown on all screens, with the option to Share or take a picture Again. After sharing, you go back to the Friends page automatically.

The smartphones that become light sources, are producing a bright light, each time in a different color and shape. The user moves around the light source to ‘paint’ with light. After the photo is being taken, the picture is also shown on their screens, with the same options.

One important feature that is not pictured here, is the interaction between the light sources. The closer they are together, the more of each other’s light properties they take over. Remove them and they go back to their original color and shape. When the smartphone is shaken, light flashes occur that show up as stars in the picture. This provides more opportunities to play with the light, and the effect gets more interesting the more people participate.

Please tell me what you think!

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