A LightScribe Story

Imagine you are a 15-year-old boy and bored to no end. Finally, the school bell rings and you are done for the day. Usually, you would hang out in the nearby park with friends, doing nothing really. But ever since some of your friends introduced you to it, you are often using the LightScribe app, like today. When you see your friends, you all whip out your smartphones and start the app. The app sees all available LightScribers in a nearby radius, so you can easily select your friends’ group from the list. With some laughs and jokes, the best location is picked. Perhaps when it gets darker outside, you will move to the park, but for now, the decision falls to the bike shed.

The app picks one random cell to be the ‘photographer’. The other participating smartphones are designated ‘light sources’. You are picked to be one of the light sources, and the screen of your cell becomes brightly lit with changing colors. It is really beautiful as one color smoothly blends into the other. Not like your neighbor, who has been awarded a light source that is orange and blinking.

The photographer puts his cell on a steady surface, which in this case turns out to be a bike saddle. ‘Ready?,’ he asks. ‘Go!’ and starts the photograph. A small blinking light indicates that the shutter will open very shortly. Everyone is waving their cells around like crazy, and the photo starts. The light from your cell changes into blinking orange, every time you come close to your friend’s cell. You have some fun with mixing the colors and fooling around.

Two other friends have also joined but are not using the LightScribe app. One is using his normal cellphone as a light source, one has brought his bike light.

After a few seconds, you see that the time is up, and the photo is shown on all smart phone screens. The result is really cool, with these long ribbons of colored light, mixed with dotted orange lines and soft blue. You all feel quite proud! One friend immediately puts it on Twitter, another puts the picture on his blog about LightScribing.

You stay for some more pictures, but when you all start to get really tired everyone starts home. This was fun!


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