First Freakduino Steps

Perhaps this post will be of use to other first-time Freakduino users, perhaps it’s a nice laugh for you experts out there 🙂

A few posts ago, I bought two Freakduino boards and some other stuff. It took me a while to get it all up and running, but here we are. What do you need to do when you start using Freakduino, using Mac?

  1. Unpack the box with the nice Japanese stamps and stickers
  2. Find a USB-cable type mini-to-normal
  3. Plug the board into the computer USB
  4. A blue LED lights up: congratulations, the power connection works!
  5. Download the Arduino environment
  6. If you are using a Macbook, you need to update your USB drivers, or the right serial port will not show up.
  7. Open the Arduino environment. Contrary to the data sheet on the Freaklabs site, you need to select Tools> Board> Arduino Duemilanove w/ ATmega 328
  8. Under Tools> Serial Port, select the USB port that you are using. Hint: it is one that only appears when the board is plugged in. Try a few until loading the sketch works (see next step)
  9. Open File> Examples> 1.Basics> Blink
  10. Click Upload at the top of the screen. If this works, it means everything is connected correctly
  11. Download the Freakduino Chibi library from Github
  12. Find the folder named ‘Arduino’ that was created when installing the program
  13. Make a new folder inside it and call it ‘libraries’
  14. Drag the file that you downloaded from Github to this new folder
  15. Rename the Chibi library into ‘Chibi’ or else Arduino can’t read it
  16. Try a wireless communication example like File> Examples> Chibi> ‘hello world 1’
  17. Yay, you have wireless communication!

Bear in mind that almost every step here took me a few hits and misses, this is actually a condensed list 🙂 Do you have suggestions for making this list shorter? Be my guest!


Please tell me what you think!

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