1. having suitable or sufficient skill, knowledge, experience,etc., for some purpose; properly qualified: He is perfectly competent to manage the bank branch.
  2. adequate but not exceptional.
  3. Law: (of a witness, a party to a contract, etc.) having legal competence.
  4. Geology: (of a bed or stratum) able to undergo folding without flowage or change in thickness.
Why did I look this up? Sometimes a word is so often used out of its proper context, that it starts to lose meaning. For me, this happened with the word ‘competent’. At the TU/e, skills are ‘competencies’, learning is ‘competency development’. It is overused and overvalued, like it should be a goal to be a competent person. Actually, ‘competent’ means just enough, suitable, you’ll do. You’re OK but nothing more. Why should we strive for that?

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