Conclusion of Research: What, How, Why

What- I envision a social system where teenagers meet in person and work together to produce unique and beautiful artwork. They share this content with other friends, who in turn can react with their own content or use it as a conversation starter. This way, users can become closer to their friends by way of shared experiences.
How- The system will be a network of mobile devices, connected through an application. With this application, users can make pictures or movies when they get together. Then one becomes the ‘documenter’ and the others become ‘image makers’. The application influences the image makers so that their devices react to each other differently, making each setup unique. After producing the content, users have to choose who to send it to using social media to choice.
The application can support many techniques, one of them will be Light Scribing. This technique adds a necessity to move around, providing some much-needed extra exercise. Light Scribing produces very special results that are more likely to be shared. With Light Scribing, the constraints are more cultural than physical, making the use of extra equipment unnecessary. The application will be very easy to use, but getting good results will be challenging.
Why- Teenagers want to hang out with friends, and if they can not hang out physically, they still want to communicate with them. Making something aesthetically pleasing together gives them a good excuse to meet in person. If the results are beautiful, the users feel good about themselves, experiencing pride, a feeling of accomplishment and competency. This is something they want to share with other friends, and they are going to be talking about it. Seeing other beautiful pictures or movies inspires these users to develop new ideas themselves. Working together with their friends makes their connection stronger.

Please tell me what you think!

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