Analysis of All Research

In this video, you can see four teenagers talking about their lives and evaluating classic Light Scribing.The most interesting conclusions of these conversations are described next.
On their life in general:
  • these teenagers spend a lot of their free time with friends, outside the house, and communicating with friends, sometimes at the same time
  • they are communicating mostly via social media using text, photos, movies; and real-life talking
  • subjects are: other friends, documenting experiences, seeing something beautiful or funny
On Light Scribing:
  • the teenagers were working together, being inventive
  • spontaneous actions happen a lot
  • there is little to no hierarchy or territorial behavior
  • intrinsically motivated to make ‘beautiful’ results
  • unprompted: ‘this is tiring’
  • a sense of pride and competency when telling others about it
  • ideas for improvement from users: working together with more people, other locations, possible equipment
  • better technical possibilities seemed to dampen the fun and originality
I also analyzed the design space using a kind of mind-mapping technique that I distilled these key factors from. These are basically the elementary make up of the final concept, like building blocks.
  • Sharing
  • Interaction
  • Aesthetics
  • Light
  • Narrative
  • Bonding

Please tell me what you think!

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