Better Late than Never: a Research Question

This chart in my last post makes it quite clear where I stand in terms of progress on this project, and why it was unclear to me where I was going. I think I need to redefine my research question a bit more specific. I also need to go over the research one more time with the research question in mind, and make a short and clear abstract that will also serve as a base for my hypothesis.

In his excellent book ‘Experience Design – Technology for All the Right Reasons’, Marc Hassenzahl claims that in Experience Design, the ‘why’ needs to go before the ‘what’ and ‘how’. Since in this project, what and how are already given (get teenagers to exercise more by using Light Scribing), it was logical to ask myself: why would they want to? What would their reasons be to do Light Scribing? Is it something that would fit into their lives?

I think the experience of Light Scribing is the most important here, and once I designed that, the technical details will follow. More specifically, I wanted to know what value and/or meaning Light Scribing has for my user group, teenagers. Earlier in the process, I already talked about a research question, and after taking Churchill’s advice, I decided to keep my research question the way it was, clear and concise:

Why would teenagers want to do Light Scribing?

Please tell me what you think!

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