What Do You Think of This Blog?

The date was February 13, 2012, when I got an email from my blog host. Someone liked my post! It was my very first ‘like’ ever, and since then, more and more people started reading my blog, liking it and even following it. 

I started this blog about a year ago to keep my (then) coach informed. Soon it also served as a log of my projects, which came in handy when writing the report. Now, teammates from the same project have said they use it to keep a timeline of their own progress, and as a library for pictures and information.

Of course I would be very pleased if my blog is somehow helping others and myself. Or perhaps there are things holding me back that I can improve. I will try and get some direct comments from the people that use my blog and see what they think.

Please feel free to share with me what you think of this blog, if and how you are using it. Thank you so much!

1 thought on “What Do You Think of This Blog?

  1. I, as one of the teammates mentioned above, use this blog also as a reference for the things that has been done. I’m not skilled in keeping record of everything that was said or done during a brainstorm or usertest, so this blog is really a blessing for me. Besides that it also interesting to see what Hanna is up to during her project and where she gets her ideas from. I think the blog is a perfect way of showing your design process. I don’t think a public blog would be something for me, but some sort of journal keeping wouldn’t be such a bad idea..

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