Grab This Beast by the Horns

Today I am working to get a grip on my process. It seems I lack the overview necessary to see where I am going and how I will get there. So what is my design process?

It used to be very straightforward. Depending on the brief or client, I would gather pictures, read books, and make a shiny presentation from that. Then I would start building a prototype, designing and shaping while I was making. Sometimes I ran a limited production edition. Then I would design a beautiful presentation and start doing PR. Looking back, most of it was promotion more than design.

Since I study at the TU/e, one can say my design process was radically altered. I have to thank Saskia Bakker for that, I believe. She coached me in my first semester here and thought me the basics of science. Then she helped me write a paper, which was accepted at a conference.

But until now, I have just absorbed and absorbed everything anyone more expert in anything than me said, and not really defined my own way of doing it. Perhaps it is time I grabbed this beast by the horns and looked it in the eye. Who are you?

[Here is a link to a newer post that describes my Scientific Method Adapted to Design Practice] [Or have a look at my Proposal for Scientific Method Design Process]

Please tell me what you think!

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