A Long List of Ideas that May or May Not Have Anything to do with Light Scribing and May or May Not Exist Already

  1. Fire making model- hard work at first, but then easy to share
  2. Holographic film inside real world
  3. Group knitting
  4. Dome of light- personal space
  5. Capture cityscape light/ traffic in pictures
  6. Trail follower games
  7. Lightscribe app: making and sharing pictures
  8. Crayon graffiti
  9. Lightscribe photography competition
  10. Recipe email chain letter
  11. Landmark Lightscribing
  12. Light jewelry implant
  13. Use cellphone as remote for public lighting
  14. Interacting between cellphones with light/colour
  15. Finishing other people’s stories
  16. Fixed location lightscribe competition
  17. Figure running
  18. ‘Chain letter’ style blog
  19. Hacker games
  20. Making secret markings visible
  21. Visuals on screen (cell/laptop) link to traffic social websites
  22. Mobile flame torch- keep alive like Olympic flame
  23. Share torch- the more sharing the stronger the flame
  24. Candle model games- only possible to spread from one to the other
  25. (Shared) physical activity to generate light
  26. Track people’s path with light
  27. Ping-pong with light path tracker
  28. Light sources under skin
  29. Anthropomorphic light: shy/agressive/annoying/caring etc
  30. Light with healing properties: vit D/headaches/winter depression



Please tell me what you think!

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