How to make Origami Flowers

Just a bit of fun: since I mentioned “Origami Flower” once, the search term most used to find my blog is just that. I find it quite intriguing and can imagine that people who want to start making origami flowers, are not that interested in my university projects.

So here goes: a guide that tells you how to fold an Origami Flower. For those of you who do not speak Italian, you don’t really need the text. Just remember that a dotted line is a fold, when it’s irregular it folds towards you (like a mountain), if its a regular dotted line it folds away (like a valley).

Guide to folding a four-petal origami flower

Use paper that is different on both sides, like in the picture, for a nice effect. If you make a few and stick them on cocktail sticks, using masking tape or colored tape, you can make a bouquet!

Have fun… 😉

And if you are interested in my projects at Eindhoven Technical University, take a look around on my blog and see what I’m up to these days!

6 thoughts on “How to make Origami Flowers

      • I always use my least favorite color of origami paper to practice with. I was able to make the flower the first time – with much thinking,studying and refolding. It was torn and rough looking. So I tried again and it went easier and looked better, but not nice enough. I spend about an hour making the 2. I believe after a few more times it will be presentable. Thank you.
        (and I have explored your blog, thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas)

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