Second User Evaluation of Light Scribing

One week after the first user evaluation, we held another evaluation session. One reason to do this was to see if the technique would still be interesting after some time, and if users would be prepared to keep using it.

All four students in this project were present, and some had prepared special hand-held lights to use. On top of that we had the use of a more advanced camera that could do longer shutter times. Three of the four original users were present as well.

In this post, I tried to form some questions to check if the 10 Crucial Factors of User Experience Design were met in the experience of Light Scribing. As you can see in the video above, this time my interview was not too well structured. Or perhaps the users were not too motivated? The conversation was a bit bland and much of the enthusiasm of last time had disappeared. I didn’t really use many of the questions because they felt a bit forced.

Last time during the Light Scribing, the users were impressed and were enthusiastically trying things out. This time, with much more prepared ‘tools’ and more technical possibilities, the wow effect was much less apparent, and the users were not really into trying new things.

For example, last time they were trying to write their name and it was really difficult, this time writing their name was easy. But after they succeeded, the fun seemed to wear off quickly.

How to keep the user involved and interested? Perhaps more game elements are a solution. More about that in another post!

Please tell me what you think!

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