The Crucial Factors applied to Light Scribing

In the next user evaluation, I would like to find out more about what values and meaning user describe to Light Scribing. But what are the best questions to ask? Using my own version of the Top 10 Needs for a Positive User Experience by Sheldon (2001), I will start to chalk up some possible questions to ask. Hopefully they give me some kind of framework to at least look at the whole experience from different angles.

Autonomy: Do you feel free to do what you want with Light Scribing? What would make it more free? Would you like to have more freedom? Do you think this technique has restrictions? If so, what are they? Are you bothered by them?

Competence: Do you think you are good at Light Scribing? How can you tell? Are you proud of the results? Do you feel you can learn to do more? What aspects of Light Scribing are you best at? Do you think anyone could do it as good as you?

Relatedness: Do you like that the test is with more people? Would you rather do it alone? Would you like a system that needs more than one person to operate? Do you feel connected to the people you do Light Scribing with? How do you know? Would you invite people to join you?

Self-Actualisation: Do you think this adds something to your life? How would you describe it? (this is a bit shaky- I would like to think of some ‘easier’ questions)

Security: Is there anything that worries you about Light Scribing? What do you think can go wrong? Do you think about these things when you are doing the Light Scribing?

Luxury: Do you feel like this is something that you would pay money for? Are you happy it is free? Did you think beforehand that you would need expensive things?

Popularity: Do you think Light Scribing is cool? Do you think your friends respect you for doing it? If someone you know, learned that you do Light Scribing, would they ask you if they can join?

Physical Thriving: Do you think Light Scribing is healthy? Why (not)? Do you feel different after the session, and how?

Self esteem: I think the questions for Popularity and Competence  might shed some light on this aspect, too.

Pleasure: Were you having fun? What parts were most fun? What could make it more pleasurable?

Please tell me what you think!

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