Experiencing Light Scribing

Some videos made during the User Research session I had with 4 teenagers aged between 12 and 18. I used the Co-Creating Stories technique as described by Derya Ozcelik.

Part 1: We watched a music video-like clip of teenagers hanging around, talking to friends, playing sports etc. Then we talk about our own experiences and this recording starts.

Part 2: Lightscribing workshop outside in the dark, dark darkness. The video is still useful for the audio though.

Part 3: Reflections on the workshop, where I try to find out what aspects the users found valuable and meaningful. Also we talk about possibilities with the Lightscibing technique and how they would use it.

I am not sure I grasped the essence of the experience yet, so I will work on improved questions and discussion starters, to use in the next session.

I will edit and update this post as the videos become available. Please be patient…

Please tell me what you think!

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