Co-Creating Stories (setup)

Just a few minutes ago, I met my next door neighbour and we set a date for some user testing! It is going *down* this Monday, I can’t wait! It will probably be four kids between the ages of 14-18, painting with light in the neighbourhood square. So I started work on the setup of this user test, the questions I want to ask, the equipment I want to use for the light painting, etcetera.

What do teenagers usually do after school? What are the habits and rituals that teenagers have in relation to exercise/activity and communication? Are there certain fixed activities or people? Do they communicate about their activities, and with whom? Why do they do these activities?

And most importantly: Why do they have these habits and rituals and how were they founded?

The setup of this user test is like a workshop, and the users will make some Light Paintings themselves. I plan to follow the theory of Co-Creating Stories by Derya Ozcelik.

1. Show relatable experience (video of kids hanging around)

2. Ask for personal stories related to these experiences

  • what was good/ bad
  • how did they feel
  • what were their thoughts
  • how did it come about
  • why did it happen that way

3. Explanation light painting + watching videos

4. Workshop light scribing: make Light Paint pictures and discuss each picture amongst the group

5. Discuss user experience: check the crucial factors of a positive User Experience (Sheldon (2001) Top 10 psychological needs)

6. Document the session in notes, video, sketches.

Please tell me what you think!

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