Light Painting Video

Look at these two videos with some incredible artwork:

a commercial for Ford, but that did not bother me 🙂

(my team mate Troy put me onto this last one, also check out his blog on graffiti in general:

Light art on video is more about the process and the story, whereas the photography is more about the end result. But both techniques leave you wondering in amazement about these wonderfull images…

Where light painting photography is an analogue effect, created by using long shutter times, light paint video is done with the help of software that isolates the areas that are exposed to light, and then keeps those visible for longer than normally. This is the technique used in the two videos above.

On the next site you can read a full explanation of the neccesary software editing, including tips on programming:

A nice crossover between photography and video is this next action movie: 

It is made using stop motion light painting photography, and I think also some software editing on where the guns move around. Still very nicely done.

Please tell me what you think!

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