Cellphone Painting


As I was curious about the light painting technique, I started to do some very simple shots with my cheap digital camera. I put it on a 10s. self-timer and the maximum shutter open-time was 2 seconds. I thought this would perhaps be too little, especially since the camera automatically adjusted the ISO value to high. As I learned in my first post about this project, ISO should be low and the shutter open for as much as half an hour.

As you can see from the photo, the result is not half bad. Mind you, I had to wave my arm around like a crazy person, as the shutter time was so short. Also, I could not tell exactly when the shutter time started, so I had to start moving around a bit before and keep on after, to be sure.

As a light source, I used my cell phone wich had a brightly lit screen and some blue lighting around the buttons (yes, an oldfashioned cell with buttons). Next I tried it with the cell phone and a sportswatch with a blue backlit dial.


Since the objective of this project is to get teenagers moving, or at least spending their school breaks in a more active way than they do now, the moving around like crazy might not be a bad effect. I know my arms were tired after about 10 pictures!

Please tell me what you think!

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