Expressive Light Scribing links

A new project! The goal of this project is to get teenagers to move around more. A very attractive thing to do, that also requires that you move around, is making light graffiti, or light scribing, or light art.

My coaches this semester will be prof. dr. Ben Schouten, dr. Tilde Bekker and Rob Tieben. The client is the PlayFit Consortium.

Read more for lots of links to pictures and papers!

Once you start looking, there is a whole world of super interesting sites about making light art. A good overview of what is light graffiti and some different styles on

And some more awesome pictures:

Really useful: a guide to light graffiti, explaining the basics,

A little side step, but nonetheless interesting: making light art with stencils on

Laser tagging:


And last an amazing, inspiring article from the Daily Mail, again with some mindblowing imagery:

For more background information on this project, read some of these papers: Eliciting casual activity through playful exploration, communication, personalisation and expression 

PlayFit: Designing playful activity interventions for teenagers 

Curiosity and Interaction: making people curious through interactive systems 

Oh and please be kind while you wait for me to fix the non-working links, and busy yourselves with copying and pasting…* New computer due to arrive on saturday, and it is supposed to make al these problems go away!

*et voila, links fixed!

Please tell me what you think!

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