I bought some glowsticks. Now I didn’t expect much from them, but it said ‘glow’ on the tin so I thought it would be something useful for the Light Scribing project. Continue reading

3D Projecting

There is one thing that keeps coming back to me, which is 3D projecting. How cool would that be? But how how does it work? Is it even possible? Continue reading

Carry-on Light Sources

I really like the idea to use readymade, simple light sources to paint light with. One issue that was offered by coach Rob Tieben, was that parts of the installation could get stolen or vandalised. If Continue reading

Location Location Location

Some issues I noticed from my first short test were that is is difficult to gauge what will be in the picture and what not. For the prototype that I want to make to place in a school, it would be good to design some restraints and allowances to guide the participants.

Another is that for good light art, the surroundings should be somewhat dark, at least darker than the light source used. Continue reading

Cellphone Painting


As I was curious about the light painting technique, I started to do some very simple shots with my cheap digital camera. I put it on a 10s. self-timer and Continue reading

Light Painting Video

Look at these two videos with some incredible artwork:

a commercial for Ford, but that did not bother me 🙂

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Expressive Light Scribing links

A new project! The goal of this project is to get teenagers to move around more. A very attractive thing to do, that also requires that you move around, is making light graffiti, or light scribing, or light art.

My coaches this semester will be prof. dr. Ben Schouten, dr. Tilde Bekker and Rob Tieben. The client is the PlayFit Consortium.

Read more for lots of links to pictures and papers!

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