Paper and stitches at midterm

Two weeks after my last post it was time to show (some of) the world what I’ve been up to the last couple of months. Days of cutting, glueing and ripping books apart (some of them of aesthetic and/or literary value, I must admit), the day was finally there to pack everything up and move it all to uni. It was one of those days where there is a little too much to do for the amount of hours available, but I managed to arrange things so that everything would just fit. The dogwalker had picked up the dog and I was ready to go set up.

Just as I was about to leave the house, the dogwalker called. Was I going to be home in he next half hour? While I tried to answer negatively, she was already telling me about some accident the dog had had, that required vet assistance. I arranged for her to meet me at the vet’s. Unfortunately, they just had another dog in surgery. My dog was reasonably calm and I decided to leave her there for half an hour so I could set up my exhibition stuff, and then be right back to pick the dog up.

At the university, the exhibition came along nicely with the help of some black cloth from my teammates. I had planned to do more on presentation, like a sign with my name and a little explanation about the project, but all in all it looked okay.

On the right you can see two fabulous pop-up books that I bought for inspiration, and my own version on the left. The pop-up bit is made out of actual OLED shapes. In the front is an OLED attached to a bread board with a simple dimmer circuit.

As soon as the setup was up and running, I raced back to the vet’s. When I arrived there, they told me they had to put the dog under full sedation and she had been in surgery for half an hour. The dog was therefore still sedated and could barely open her eyes. Somehow she managed to jump/wobble out of her cage when she saw me, but directly after that collapsed on the floor. I was told I could only pick her up at 5 pm.

I called work to ask if I could leave around 4.30 and then bring the dog with me to work for one more hour. Luckily, they were very understanding and I was able to take the afternoon off. With nothing else to do, I was back on my bike and on my way to uni again. With the midterm presentations almost over for the day, I still managed to speak to some people about my project and got some feedback and advice.

Then it was time to pick up the dog. For those of you who wonder what the dog looks like, or what a dog in stitches looks like, here are some pictures of that as well:

Please tell me what you think!

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