Cubist Art and Nonsense Footnotes

How do you like my new masterpiece? These are actually all the standard shapes the lumiblades come in.

How am I making a pop-up out of this lot? I better start the big bricolage!* I can see now why Jason Bruges only used the squares…


* Have you heard of the French word ‘bricolage’? It’s a fantastic word that describes everything from messing around with scrap material to DIY to producing art. It’s fiddling around, tinkering, plotting, trying out. Fabulous, no?Oh and it gets better: a person doing bricolage, is a ‘bricoleur’. Love it.

** On a complete off-note: another French word I love, or it’s actually more an expression, is ‘faire du leche-vitrine’. Somehow it sounds less exiting and much less delicious if you refer to the licking of shop-windows as ‘window shopping’…

*** Further off topic: Obviously, I have been thinking of Alice in wonderland waaay too much. And the book hasn’t even arrived yet!

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