Pop Up

Last week when I was discussing the project with my coach, I had a flash of inspiration. Where one of my first ideas to make an OLED book was perhaps too plain, my ideas involving jewellery and origami were very frilly and were not grounded in reality. The ideal situation would be something that is inspiring and beautiful, but also low-key and practical at the same time.

Enter the concept of Pop-Up Books. How could I have forgotten? Such an obvious solution to my qualms and hesitations. I remember having an Alice in Wonderland pop-up book when I was little, that was just magical. Sadly, I can not find it anywhere, or perhaps I have forgotten what it looked like. There is a popular version by Robert Sabuda, but however pretty, it is a little too pink for my taste. The Alice I remember was a bit dark, sometimes scary, with huge pop-ups that flew up when you turned the page. I especially liked the one where all the cards would fly across the space above the page, high up in different angles, some suspended from strings and all.

There is a vintage one just like this on its way to me from the UK, and I feel like Santa is coming!

Another fabulous pop-up book that I would like to get for inspiration is Trail: Paper Poetry by David Pelham; and I probably need Paper Mechanics to teach me how it’s done.

Please tell me what you think!

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