Interview with a user

This is an interview I did with a user from one of my proposed user groups a couple of weeks ago. This person is someone who regularly travels for work, and therefore uses all kinds of environments as his workspace, for instance airport lounges, cafés, restaurants, hotel rooms and shared workspaces in factories that he visits. I chose to conduct the interview in the restaurant space of Eindhoven Airport. Although this particular person does not look very enthusiastic, he gave some valuable feedback for my project.

One thing that stuck was that he was not impressed with my origami-flower paper model, saying that he would never take this out to work in a business environment. A more low-key design may be more attractive for this user group. Also he would like to have different colours of light available to adapt to the different locations he uses.

For the next interview, it would be better to ask for colours or elements of the surroundings we are in, instead of choosing from the colour book. For non-designers, the book can be intimidating and limiting. I also would like to have a better quality prototype available. The ones in this video are really low-res and distract more than inspire.

Please tell me what you think!

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