Pretty Frilly Things

Talking about jewellery in the last post made me do a little research on a side step: OLED jewellery. This could be really cool. The OLEDs are very energy efficient, and possibly a small battery can be worked into the jewellery without much hassle. How about some inspirational pictures:

And how would you like an OLED jewellery box, that lights up inside whenever you open the lid? Magical, no?

The thing with all this is, that it is terribly frilly and has no more right to exist than the next pretty object, mass produced for its fashion value and discarded when the next fad comes by. I need a good reason to want to design another thing, to put more stuff out there. While the jewellery idea is cute and has my beady eyes sparkling, it just doesn’t cut it for me, at least not for a Bachelor graduation project.

The search goes on.

Please tell me what you think!

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