Next Nature Theme presentation

The presentation shown at the Next Nature Theme meeting today:

It was really good to hear the opinions of the coaches and students that work on other projects within the Next Nature Theme, as this project has no real research question or starting point for a direction other than the requirement to work with the Lumiblade OLED technology. Some of the feedback that I got:

  • What is the link between OLED and personal space/intimacy? Is OLED the only technology that can solve this? Would it not be easier or more logical to use other lighting technology? And continuing on this:
  • What are the advantages of OLED components? Is it possible to find an interesting direction from that?
  • Perhaps it would be good to start experimenting with the technology to find new and unexpected uses for it, and take it from there.
  • The associations and inspirational images in the video give a very upscale, expensive, nouveau-riche impression. Is this intended? Is this direction desirable and does it fit the concept? Be careful about what image you project to users.
  • What is the interaction between the technology and the user? In the video we see mostly ‘reactive’ installations. How can we influence the behaviour of the user? Keep this in mind while working on the concept.

It was very helpful to get this input, especially now that the project is still fresh and flexible. I can really work with these points and try to incorporate them into the design. I was very inspired by the whole meeting and am looking forward to starting experimenting with the OLED components. Hooking them up to an Arduino, experimenting with light intensity, generally getting a feel for the material. Until the components are in though, I want to do some paper modelling to experiment with folding structures, possibly making a cool stop-motion animation of some folding structures.

Parallel to that I am trying to contact and setup meetings with people who can give me insight in or point to papers about behaviour and needs of people working/interacting in public spaces; and about the influence of light intensity and light colour on the behaviour of people. One lead could be Philips Lighting where they did an interesting pilot with different colours of light in a primary school classroom. Hopefully I can gain some insight into the different needs that exist, and if there are any that would be ideal to solve by using OLEDs.

Some other cool stuff that I made a note of during the presentations:

Your ideas, comments, associations and reactions are more than welcome!

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